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Ohio's Digital Coworking Space




Our virtual community encourages professional development by connecting Ohio's resources. 

Image by Yasmina H
Image by Jenny Ueberberg

Connecting the Digital
Professionals in the Buckeye State

Ohio has one of the best recipe's for remote workers: affordable living, centralized location, and midwest vibes - which is exactly why we are here to put it all together.

Image by Christin Hume

Need Some Human Connection?

So do we. Connect with with fellow remoters who understand the hardships of never leaving the house - that might be working right down the street.


Meet up to grab lunch, have a virtual beer, or even share a coffee shop table together.

Benefits of Joining a Digital Coworking Space

Enhanced Quality of Life
Member's get access to a network of remote workers across the state. Opportunities to meet a neighbor to take walks at lunches or share a coffee table with. Remote working doesn't need to be so lonely. 
Local Networking Opportunities
Through our slack channel, members have a chance to engage with fellow remote workers throughout the state of Ohio. The Annex also offers opportunities for virtual coffee breaks as well as virtual and in person meetups. 
Professional Development
Members of the Annex not only get to be involved in an organization outside of work, but also have the opportunity to get involved by bulking up their resume with remote community experience.
Working in Cafe
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