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Image by Toa Heftiba

The Virtual Annex of Ohio

We got sick of hogging local coffee shop tables by ourselves, talking to the walls of our home offices, and not taking advantage of all that working remote has to offer. 

The Ohio Annex is your extended virtual hangout space to engage with other local remote workers who live right within your neighborhood.

Our members have access to a local network and resources to improve their professional and personal lives. 

Date of Birth:

June 4, 2022

Place of Birth:

Annex: (v.)
1: To join together materially
2. To add to something earlier, larger or more important. 

The Good Old Digital Marriam-Webster Dictionary

Who's Inside The Annex

Digital Nomads, innovative hermits, coffee shop dwellers, mobile office workers all around Ohio.


The top graphic designers, recruiters, product developers, project managers, marketing specialists, and involved digital professionals who are proud to call Ohio home.


Simply: Engaging Ohioans who work remote, connect with local resources and are eager to enhance their own professional skills.  

Image by Annie Spratt

Members proudly showcase their impact in the community. So we thought they deserved a Linkedin Badge. Want to improve your involvement section on your LinkedIn?

What's Inside The Annex

Enhanced Quality of Life
Member's get access to a network of remote workers across the state. Opportunities to meet a neighbor to take walks at lunches or share a coffee table with. Remote working doesn't need to be so lonely. 
Local Networking Opportunities
Through our slack channel, members have a chance to engage with fellow remote workers throughout the state of Ohio. The Annex also offers opportunities for virtual coffee breaks as well as virtual and in person meetups. 
Professional Development
Members of the Annex not only get to be involved in an organization outside of work, but also have the opportunity to get involved by bulking up their resume with remote community experience.
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